Earth Authors

Offered in collaboration with the Youth Conservation Action Network (YouCAN), the Earth Authors Program (EAP) is a unique one-year mentoring program for children to create children’s books. Middle school students explore the natural world and write storybooks using their real-life experiences. Along the way, they understand crucial threats to the planet such as the climate crisis, and solutions like ecosystem restoration, food security, and planetary health. The students’ expressions such as writings, artwork, and discussions, create a documentation of their exploration for posterity. Using their learnings, each participant writes, illustrates, and publishes a storybook, and brings support for environmental causes.


When a man-eating tiger begins to haunt the people inside Anamalai Tiger Reserve, ecologist and former Project Tiger conservationist Asad Khan is faced with a painful choice—to leave it alone and sentence numerous people to death, or, if tranquilization fails, to kill the animal he loves so much.


'Help! Someone save me!' lisps a snake. Bhoora is terrified and angry because the humans are already around. Is this the end of his life? Can he survive?

A special backpack that gets lost in a little eco-park, meets a cunning cat who refuses to take this little backpack back. What must the backpack do to go back to its owner?

Haju is most surprised to see a hole right in the far coast of the ocean! Inside the hole, Haju sees a different world! She has an amazing adventure and meets friends who tell her about a really important issue. But can Haju save the ocean - and her friends.

Rrrrrrrr…! CHUCK...! THUD....!

What’s happening? Are the trees being cut? And will Amira reach on time to save her beloved green friends?

Read on to find out how this little girl saves most of her green friends from terrible jeopardy...

Rihaan mysteriously morphs into a fly about a hundred times smaller than himself! In his search for help on the marine walk he comes to hear of a very risky government plan? Can a small kid really make a difference?

Kids learn about pollution by going on a fun adventure with Polly (a ball of CO2) in search of something to save the world.

Saraal Sadiq is a bird from Mongolia. Who, enchanted by his Emee's stories, desperately wants to visit the great marsh of Pallikaranai. But what he sees there is not exactly bird paradise. 

"Millions of animals suffered. There were dead fish all around. I, too, was stuck in sticky oil, not able to move"- Olivia.

Olivia is an Olive Ridley sea turtle. Her Ocean life is filled with adventures. But through her journey she faces many hardships. Will she survive to tell her story to other young Olive Ridleys? 

It all begins when Momma, Dadda and Baby Croc were taken by those “Monsters”. Pointy Marsh, an adventurous young crocodile goes on an adventure with his grandfather to save his family.

But will he be in time to save them from being burned by those “Monsters”? Well you are just about to find out.

Ayrah has been separated from her parents and the home that kept her safe. No longer safe, and in a world of dying creatures, will she ever find a way back? But, captured and caged, will she survive what the world can’t, and live to tell the tale?

I like writing. Here. About my life. I feel empty, like something is missing, but I don't know what. I wish to belong. This is the story of my journey to find my place in the world. What is my place in the world? 

Unknown to many, there is a small forest, nestled in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Chennai, and in this forest reside twelve of our friends, who invite you to have a peek in a day of their life and to liven it with colour. Do you accept their invitation?


When his home in the Pambemaram Forest is threatened, Kaua, a solitary crow must find Yayha, a zoolingual boy. But even together, can Kaua and Yahya save Pambemaram Forest before it is gone forever?

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Mr. Water Molecule goes for an adventure. He is always wasted by humans. But when there is a drought, can Mr. Water Molecule help? 

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Beenoo, the ball of fluff, falls out of the pillow and sees how the world actually looks. But its not how he expected it to be. 

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This story is about Ani, the adventurous Bee. Who takes a journey through the meadows and ends up in a mysterious place. Watch how Ani saves the day and becomes a hero.

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Do you know how all organic honey jars say "100% Pure Honey?" Well you read it and believe it is 100% pure honey and it is safe to eat. But let's uncover the real truth, shall we?

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My life was a fairytale. I used to fly above the tall trees. I used to fly with the wind beneath my wings. Those were thrilling times until everything fell upside down. 

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I am an Indian citizen. I have been living on earth for 100 years. My life was beautiful till 2 years ago. Then - I was choked. Will I survive?

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Queen Anty and her faithful children are exhausted by the doings of the Evil Scientists. First there was trash. And now the Queen is kidnapped. It is up to the ants to save her. 

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Riyah & Sarah were students of The Maywood School. They love to do research and write papers on their ideas. They worked very hard to solve the stumbling block. How did they do it?

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Ruqia, a tree in Chennai faces Cyclone Vardah. Will she survive?

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Nisha had a nightmare that there is a drought in her city. What happens when her bad dream actually comes true? Read and find out how Nisha and her sisters saved the day.

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It bothers Fazil when he sees trash and litter all around. Animals eating trash is something he wants to stop. What can he do? Read and find out.

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Afra falls sick with an unknown disease. Can her friends Divya & Rasha find help? Will they succeed? Will Afra get well. 

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