Parents speak....

She loves to take part in the class. she relishes the icebreaker part in the classroom. According to her the class is innovative, engaging, intriguing, filled with fun, and really nice & amazing .

Alhamdulillah. This is my feedback and his obvious feelings. He eagerly awaits as to what unfolds every class. He is thrilled, excited and happy to be in this program.

I find him becoming a detective solving through a puzzle(a mixed up collage of pictures), ecologists observing nature, Leader and a team member in groups

She thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Alhamdulillah... Team work, reflective journal, everything is so special for her.

The class is amazing, interesting and helps her think into a wide range of topics. She researches a lot, trying to give her best input.

It enables the child to think out of the box and builds confidence. It helps children to understand the depth of concept - which also cultivates in them, very essential life skills by using those concepts in their day today activity.It enables them to increase their capabilities apart from academics.

He always has been a thinking child and so he's in his element now with these classes.

His writing skills have improved. I liked the way he interacts with his team and comes up with ideas collectively. He has learned to acknowledge others views and accept their ideas with respect but at the same time he puts forward his views as well in an acceptable manner. i feel this quality is very important and should be inculcated in the students. Most school children have a kind of "I", "ME" attitude and feel sad or rejected when there ideas are not accepted. But Alhamdulillah here he is learning in a v healthy environment and each one learns to respect the other.

She has become more observant now. Devotes more time on thinking before doing her work unlike earlier.

Participants speak....

The Thinking Through The Year program is really amazing. There are lots of modules so you learn and acquire skills in various fields. The program has really fun hands-on learning with lots of activities and projects such as poetry writing, board game designing, debating and photography. We also get to collab with students and almost every month there's a speaker who comes in and talks about something related to the module. Best of all, it's only 2 classes per week and you still learn so much and have a very pleasant time. - 8th Grader, Chennai

I never imagined that math could be taught in this way. It is challenging, engaging and fun to learn E-math. Emath creates an environment where making mistakes is okay. Math shouldn't be about failing or succeeding, but about understanding, because when we learn to understand we are at the core of the math. Unraveling our ability to think critically and analytically for ourselves. 7th Grader, Chennai

I really liked the workshop! The puzzles which we worked on greatly increased my open-mindedness towards solving math problems (and all problems in general). I also found great benefit in being able to work at our own pace so we could challenge ourselves. When we went over tough questions together, that not only assisted us in using different methods to solve other similar problems, but also taught us new math concepts. I learned a lot! The workshop changed me because it taught me to think in a different way. :) My favorite part of the workshop was being able to solve problems which were like puzzles as well as the math cartoons. 😁 8th Grader, USA

"The e math classes helped a lot as uncle made we never gave up until it was too difficult for us. But still he never gave the answers . He used to just give us hints and not the answers. This thought me never to give up . I at first thought that this wasn't related to mathematical and logical thinking classes . But now I think it's a major factor for mathematical and logical thinking skills. " - 7th Grader, Cumbum

"TTTY helped develop my Mathematical & logical thinking skills because it made me analyze things logically and improved my Maths a lot." 7th Grader, New Delhi

TTTY helped my logical skills by giving problems that looked difficult but were actually really simple if you applied the right logic. 8th Grader, Chennai