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'They say that new friends are like silver, and that the old are like gold. But what if you have one that's neither here nor there, a story untold?' With captivating words and minimalistic illustrations, this laughter-filled story reminds readers of the strange world of childhood friendships. Authored by 9th grader Khadijah, this book is sure to resonate with anyone who had that one great best friend.

A furry little boy of seven, sitting on the small platform of the couch pondering about his past life the hardships, the cherishing moments of his life and how he faced them. He talks about how he had put down his arch-nemesis. There are many ups and downs in Munna's Life journey. Read to find out how he faced them.

Authored by 7th grader Mehnaz, the book is bound to be a favourite with any cat lover.

Diya is faced with a problem. He has to make one of his biggest decisions ever. WIll he follow his dreams or will his parents convince him to do something else? 

Authored by 7th grader, Yusuf Syed, the book reflects the dilemma faced by several South Asian children.

Ayaz, a young boy, aspires to become an author. He faces discouragement both at home and at school but finds support from an unexpected source. 

This book, authored by 7th grader Rabia, is bound to speak to all of us who dreamed about becoming authors.