Being given the choice to decide the content of the book and it's meaning really made me realize how much of an impact a book can have and how I should use my power as an author to spread a powerful message. The compulsion to localize the stories pushed me to let go of a childish mentality accustomed to western culture. This made me realize how important writing about specific issues are as it addresses the place in need. Participating in this project as an eighth grader has a stark difference from participating when I was in the fifth. This time I required a humble attitude to allow criticism and advice. 

8th Grader

I had to do a lot of research read blogs, articles and I had to see a lot of places for my book. But most importantly I had to observe everything around me which deepened my ecology experiences and understanding. 

7th Grader

I want people to realize what they can do to care about birds even though they seem the most common thing and look boring. I want to show them that they are not right and these things are in danger everywhere and we can only save them.

They are also interesting to write about. It's down right worth it. Writing about flying is fabulous and wordless. 

6th Grader

That when I am going through the bends in Yelligiri, I see hundreds of this little dots, I thought they were buildings then dad pointed out that they were actually cars, I was shocked to see so many! and this is in a hill-station/town how is it in a city! When we were back in Chennai, when I turned my gaze to the road I saw the truth of it all. How could I show this to everyone? Young nature authors answered the question.

7th Grader

They (the instructors) gave me feedback and advice throughout the project. They were available anytime to ask questions and references so that was a huge help. They also pitched in their ideas and suggestions but no one really took the reins from my hand, so I'm grateful for that as well. 

7th Grader

If you had told me what my book would be like 6 months ago I would have laughed. My story at the beginning was really shabby and full of plot holes. It was a entirely different story, simple and short, I wasn't really concentrating on the facts or the language. I just wanted to submit and publish a book, turns out writing a book is a little more complicated than that. I had to work in immense changes on my story, and I've got to say it was worth it. Now as I go through my story I can't help but feel a teeny bit proud, the whole story is fact checked and has a consistent plot line (almost). My work evaluated in language, the characters got developed and the story actually made sense unlike my very first draft. 

7th Grader

I feel excited about raising the awareness about the marine life and my ecology experiences. I am so Happy! 

5th Grader