Young Earth Authors (2017)

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Beeno, a ball of fluff falls out of a pillow and sees how the world actually looks. But its not how he expected it to be...

A lovely tale by 4th grader Maryam.

Queen Anty and her faithful children are exhausted by the doings of the Evil Scientists. First there was trash. An d now the Queen is kidnapped. It is up to the ants to save her.

An intriguing story by 4th grader Anam.

When his home in the Pambemaram Forest is threatened, Kaua, a solitary crow, must find Yahya, a zoolingual boy. But even together, can Kaua & Yahya save Pambemaram Forest before its gone forever?

A fascinating tale by 8th grader Abdurrahman.

Do you know how all honey jars say 100% Pure Honey? You believe it is safe to eat. But shall we uncover the truth?

A cute story by 7th grader Iman.

I am an Indian citizen, living on this earth for 100 years. I had an amazing life but the last two years were traumatic. Will I survive?

A sad account by 8th grader Shaheedha.

My life was a fairy tale. I used to fly high above. Until everything turned upside down.

Another lovely perspective by 8th grader Mahdiya.

Ruqya & her brother Shuaib are small trees caught in Cyclone Vardah. Find out how they survive the storm.

A lovely story by 7th grader Fathima.

Nisha had a nightmare that there was a drought in her city. What happens when her nightmare comes true?

An exciting story by 7th grader Asma.

Afra falls sick with an unknown disease. Can her friends help?

A curious tale by 7th grader Maseerah.

Rifaah & Sarah encounter a problem! How do they solve it?

An interesting story by 7th grader Asfiya.

It bothers Fazil when he sees trash and litter all around. Animals eating trash is something he wants to stop! 

What can he do?! 

Read on to find out how Fazil goes about trying to change his neighbourhood!

An inspiring story by 7th grader Aathif.

Mr. Water Molecule goes for an adventure. He is always wasted by humans. But when there is a drought, can Mr. Water Molecule help? Read and find out.

A lovely tale by 4th grader Abdul Majid.

This is a story about Ani, an adventurous bee who takes a journey through the meadows and ends up in a mysterious place. Read how Ani saves the day and becomes a hero!

A cute and beautifully illustrated story by 4th, yes, 4th grader Ishaal.